Bewitched, Book 2

If you don’t carve a pumpkin, it will appear ripe and perfect for months while it slowly rots from the inside out before imploding. The act of transforming a simple, ordinary gourd into something magical accelerates its downfall.

The same could be said for my life.

For twenty-one years I’ve lived quietly in the shadows, avoiding attention, and escaping notice.

I hide in plain sight.

With glasses and average brown eyes below the same dark hair sported by the majority of humans on the planet, there’s nothing extraordinary about me.

Except nothing about me is ordinary.

Not with the last name Wildes in Salem, Massachusetts.

My mother believed she could escape my fate by marrying a normal man.

My father thought he could change me by removing me from Salem and my mother’s history.

Both of them are wrong.

My fate has been sealed since the first time I laid eyes on Madison Bradbury.

She thinks she’s average, but she’s extraordinary to me.

A new love. A curse. Everything can go wrong.

The Spellbound novella is a sequel to Bewitched. It is best read after reading the Bewitched novella, also available in Kindle Unlimited.