Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

A Short Story Collection

What happens after the happily ever after?

Get a glimpse into the future lives of the characters from Modern Love Stories and Wingmen in this brand new collection of short stories.

Maggie and Gil move into together. Ben and Jo take a vacation. Someone finally puts the outdoor shower to good use. John and Diane plan a wedding. Tom brings Hailey camping. Two wingmen meet their match in a baby. Everyone comes home for the holidays.

Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After includes:

Take Two
Take for Granted
Outdoor Shower (previously unpublished)
Take the Cake and Run
Take it Easy
Give and Take
Two Wingmen and a Baby
Olaf’s Christmas Carol (previously unpublished)
Bonus: Selah’s infamous pirotica, The Pink Pearl.

These shorts (except The Pink Pearl) take place after the Modern Love Stories and Wingmen books, so they’re best enjoyed after reading the full length novels in those series.

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